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Receive Proper Guidance from an Estate Attorney

The importance of having an estate attorney cannot be overemphasized. An estate attorney assists people as they plan their affairs to ensure that their estate’s administration goes smoothly after death. It may sound morbid, but nobody can tell what will happen in the future, so an estate attorney ensures that all of an adult’s affairs are in order, regardless of their age, status, assets, or income.

Estate attorneys document their clients’ wishes and advise them on how best to save money on inheritance taxes and probate costs, including the best trusts to go for.

Hiring an Oklahoma estate attorney is the right step to take, as an experienced attorney will assist in the writing of your wills and hold your hand through the entire process, ensuring that you have a good understanding of all the legalities of the document.

A power of attorney grants a person the authority to make decisions for you. An estate attorney also helps you make an effective estate plan in case of incapacitation or the inability to make your own decisions. This may mean drafting a living will that contains instructions for medical care (such as “do not intubate,” “do not resuscitate,” etc.) and naming somebody to receive power of attorney.

Do you need an estate attorney?

The short answer is yes.

You need an estate attorney to help you with an effective estate plan upon your demise or incapacity to handle the affairs of your estate. Better still, your family will benefit as well, as they will know that you cared enough to protect yourself if you become disabled and to protect them if you pass.

Do you want to discuss your estate needs in more detail? Terrell Law Firm is a firm dedicated to meeting the legal needs of clients and families by helping them arrange the affairs of their estate. Call for an initial consultation now.

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